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As a client-focused firm, our sphere of practise encapsulates all fields of law where your needs require – however we explicitly do not assist with Road Accident nor Third Party matters.

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As a client-focused firm our sphere of practise encapsulates all fields of law where our clients needs require – however we explicitly do not assist with road accident nor third party matters.


General Litigation

Any general legal matter that requires the assistance of the Court to resolve same:

  • High Court litigation;

  • Magistrate Court Litigation;

  • Regional Court Litigation;

  • Damages disputes – Delictual, statutory or contractual;

  • Eviction or interdict applications;

  • Defamation.


Labour Law

  • CCMA referrals and appearances;

  • Labour Court litigations;

  • The chairing of disciplinary hearings;

  • Mediations; 

  • Conciliations;

  • Labour contract reviews and amendments;

  • Inspections regarding labour department.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Mediations;

  • Arbitrations;

  • Conciliations;

  • Negotiations.

Insolvency Law

  • Liquidations;

  • Sequestration.


Wills and Estates

  • Drafting of Wills;

  • The appointment of Estate administrators and Curators.


Criminal Law

  • Bail Applications;

  • Postponements;

  • Replications;

  • Attendances.


Debt Collection

  • Debt recovery;

  • Litigation;

  • Credit bureau listing;

  • Attachments and execution;

  • Negotiations;

  • Dispute resolutions.


Debt Review

  • Where appointed to appear or assist by a registered Debt Councelor.


Correspondent Services

  • Assisting with matters in our service jurisdictional Courts, namely Pretoria Central Magistrate Court, Pretoria North Magistrate Court, Mamelodi Magistrate Court;

  • Assisting with matters where need be in sundry lower Courts;

  • Providing assistance in Pretoria High Court Matters, with the option to assist on Caselines and Court Online High Court System with the necessary profiles and administration online.

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Family Law

  • Antenuptial Agreements;

  • Other Matrimonial matters such as changing of regimes;

  • Domestic Violence matters;

  • Divorce matters;

  • Maintenance Applications;

  • Surrogacy Agreements;

  • Cohabitation Agreements;

  • Child related disputes including children’s rights;

  • Protection Orders;

  • Domestic Agreements;

  • Same sex rights. 

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